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Two ways of living, one way of being Domooder.

New home, new chapter. And while changes are scary, your new home certainly doesn't have to be. Our housing solutions meet high quality standards, in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability. We offer two options: one for those who love to share spaces, and one for those who want to have the home all to themselves.

Our CO-living accommodations are apartments with double or single rooms (sometimes with private bathrooms), in which the kitchen and bathrooms are common areas for all tenants. We have designed them for those who want to spend part of their free time in company, relaxing together around the home table, knowing that there will always be a corner of the home all to themselves.

The MICRO-living solutions are apartments in which you can live independently in all spaces, which vary between 30 and 50 square metres. You can choose whether to live in them alone or with your other half, because each environment adapts perfectly to both needs. A compromise between independence and ease of management, since the dimensions described will allow you to keep the property in perfect condition with few precautions.

But that's not all.

Our two solutions, no matter which one you choose, are ready to use: you will not have to think about anything, either on the way in or out. Your accommodation will be ready to welcome you with all the comforts and accessories necessary for everyday life. The management of all practical aspects is our responsibility and for you it translates into an all-in-one package that solves every payment need in one fell swoop. In other words, transfers, bills, internet connection, condominium expenses and any other final expenses will never be your concern. You will also have a help desk that is designed to support you in managing maintenance and other operational needs.