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Begin a new chapter with Domood.

New city, new house, new room. And if change can be frightening, your new accommodation certainly doesn’t have to be. Our rooms meet high quality standards, both for aesthetics and sustainability. And to get them, you won't have to give us any commission. We ask only a one-time fee, which will cover your every housing need throughout your stay, from contract management to routine room maintenance to assistance from our Room Manager. You can choose a Smart room, which is equipped with a single bed, bedside table, closet, bookshelf, desk with chair, and TV connection setup. Or a Premium room, which includes an added chair and TV.

But that's not all:
Domood has many surprises in store
for you.

Our proposal includes an all-inclusive package that solves any management and payment issues. What does it mean? That utility bills, ultra-fast Internet connection and condo fees will no longer be your concern. And no, it's not a joke.