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Investing in Domood.

Do you want to diversify your investments and make the most of your money in the real estate sector? Domood is for you: it takes you the same time to go to your trusted financial broker, but it has the additional advantage of zeroing out the risk of an annuity. Invest with Domood and your monthly income will be certain and guaranteed over time.

Why rentals?

Today we are more and more nomadic, always changing. Domood therefore answers an explicit question, even if not declared: how to reconcile such a dynamic life with the usual rental systems? Our smart and flexible CO-living and MICRO-living solutions make this possible.

In the real estate investment world, housing for students and workers is currently one of the sectors that most deserves attention.
It offers varied and flexible solutions that are well-suited to the work and life needs of individuals or couples.

And this is where
we come in.

We have developed an optimal system for intercepting the rental demand from these targets. Our work is based on a solid network of partnerships (actors in finance, furniture and construction), thanks to which we can guarantee professional renovations that are both in compliance with the law and sustainable. We offer a correct and effective process in taking over the property, with guaranteed returns and an enhancement of the investment.

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