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You can put capital into real estate with guaranteed income and enhance your investment over time.

Why rentals?

Co-living is a well-established lifestyle among students and young workers. Sharing common spaces while studying or working in a city is an effective system for saving money. According to Nomisma data, there are approximately 1.6 million university students in Italy, of which 660,000 are off-site non-commuters seeking housing solutions. Of these, only 10% live in student residences and 90% have difficulty finding rooms for rent.

In the real estate investment world, housing for students and young workers is currently one of the sectors which most deserves attention. It offers varied and flexible solutions which are well-suited to the needs of students and off-site young workers.

And this is where
we come in.

We have developed an optimal system for intercepting the rental demand from this target. Our work is based on a solid network of partnerships (actors in finance, furniture and construction), thanks to which we guarantee professional renovations which are both in compliance with the law and sustainable. We offer a correct and effective process in taking over the property, with guaranteed returns and an enhancement of the investment.

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